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Below you will find a few thumbnails taken of Divided Highway as they strut their stuff.

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18-BandCropped.jpg (134930 bytes) 20-OnStage.JPG (351435 bytes) IM000019croppedagain.jpg (139088 bytes)

Apr 2002 at the Office Bar And Grill

band5.gif (68785 bytes) band.gif (72701 bytes) band3.gif (68631 bytes)

United Way 2001 at Algonquin College

43-HogsBackFalls.JPG (339387 bytes) 45-Falls2_cropped.jpg (125950 bytes) 57-RiversideUp.JPG (642037 bytes)
Chilling at Hog's Back falls (2002)
daviddavewayne2.gif (69975 bytes) nomike.gif (71751 bytes) daviddave.gif (67268 bytes)

No drummer? Hmmmm.... 

mike3.gif (91729 bytes) mike4.gif (80070 bytes) mike6.gif (95175 bytes)
... Oh! There he is!
49-Steps.JPG (581260 bytes) 00-JustDave_cropped.jpg (37618 bytes) 51-River&Trees.JPG (739357 bytes)

A walk in the park!

dave5.gif (71850 bytes) david.gif (66224 bytes) dave6.gif (64356 bytes)

Frontmen: can't live with 'em...

david6.gif (71992 bytes) dave.gif (63127 bytes) david4.gif (65822 bytes)

... Can't steal their microphones from 'em!

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